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Do you want to know more about construction sites, minimum wages and collective agreements in Norway? 

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Our team has long experience assisting foreign construction companies who have already signed contracts in Norway, or are about to sign, and this is our core business activity. We have worked with a lot of foreign companies performing all kinds of activities on Norwegian construction sites, and know what kind of issues that might appear and how to solve them. Minimum wage

Collective agreement

Access Norway can inform you about Norwegian collective agreements, minimum wages and other relevant information you will need when entering Norwegian construction sites. Minimum wage 


Even if there is no general minimum wage in Norway, minimum wages has been introduced in certain sectors in general application of collective agreements. A collective agreement is an agreement between an employer’s federation and a trade union federation concerning pay, minimum wages and working conditions. For some industries, the agreement becomes applicable to all employees, regardless of their membership status. Minimum wage 


Collective agreements have been introduced for the construction sector, so if your company is going to perform activities on a construction site in Norway, your employees needs to receive salary according to the applicable collective agreement. The agreement concerning minimum wages and working conditions apply to everyone who works in the specific sector, regardless of whether they are party to the agreement. 


General application of collective agreements is one of a number of instruments to prevent foreign workers from being given poorer pay and working conditions then are usual in Norway.  

What agreement applies to your company? 

In some cases other general wage agreements will be applicable for the work performed in accordance with your contract in Norway. It is of highly importance to clarify which wage agreement applies to the construction site you are going to work at in Norway. We can assist you and find the agreement that applies to your company and the minimum wage, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information. 

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