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If your company is going to carry out commercial activity in Norway, either in the form of individual assignments or on a more permanent basis, your firm must have a Norwegian organization number. In order to obtain a Norwegian organization number, you will have to register your company in Norway or register a Norwegian branch (NUF). The branch/company in Norway must follow Norwegian rules and legislation. Access Norway can handle the registration of your company or branch in Norway, register your employees in Norway and take care of all obliged registrations in Norway.

What is a NUF (Norwegian-registered foreign company)?
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A NUF is a Norwegian branch of a foreign company. The branch in Norway is subordinate to the foreign company, and it is the foreign company which is responsible for operation of the Norwegian branch.

Register company in Norway

There are no equity requirements for the establishment of an NUF. Foreign companies which carry out commercial activity in Norway are obliged to register in the Register of Business Enterprises in Norway. Foreign companies which do not carry on commercial activity, but still require a Norwegian organization number, are entitled to register in the Register of Legal Entities.

Register company in Norway

The registration in The Register of Business Enterprises does not require that the business has a Norwegian business address. Register company in Norway

Why register a NUF?

If you intend to carry out individual assignments in Norway or want responsibility for the operation in Norway to be directly subordinate to the company in the home country, it might be appropriate to register a NUF in Norway. There are no specific requirements regarding the type of foreign company that can be registered in Norway. Both companies with and without limited liability for their owners or partners can be registered. Register company in Norway

Your Norwegian branch must have a designated contact person. Access Norway consulting can be your contact person for your Norwegian branch and handle the registration of you Norwegian branch (NUF).

Register company in Norway. Register company in Norway

Register employees 

If you intend to use foreign employees to carry out assignments here, they must be registered in Norway. When performing work on Norwegian sites, the employees are obliged to have a green card (HSE card). To be able to apply for a green card, the company they work for needs to have a Norwegian organization number. This means that the company needs to register in Norway. The employees also needs to be registered in Norway and the company needs to be VAT registered in Norway before one can apply for the green cards. Your can read more about registration of employees in Norway here. 

Do not hesitate to fill out the form below and contact us if you have any questions or need our assistance registering your company in Norway. Register company in Norway


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