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Do you want more information about green cards, or do you want us to take care of the applications for green cards in Norway?

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Kampheimveien 43 D, 0685 Oslo, Norway

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All workers in certain sectors in Norway are required to hold personal HSE cards in order to show who they work for. There are several registrations that needs to be completed before one are able to order the green cards. Your company must have obtained a Norwegian organization number and mandatory registrations must have been completed.  

Norwegian construction sites

When working on Norwegian construction sites, you are obliged to have a green card / HSE-card for identification. More and more Norwegian contractors demand green cards from day one, and several registrations must be completed before you can order a green card. Access Norway can take care of the necessary registrations and applications for green cards (they are actually pink now), and make sure to avoid potential obstacles during the application process.


As the manager of the enterprise or employer, you are responsible for ensuring that all employees have valid HSE cards. You are also responsible for ensuring that both the enterprise and your employees are registered in the appropriate registers and that the ID is correct when ordering HSE cards. If the HSE card is stolen or damaged you are responsible for suspending and reordering the card. 

Do you need more information?

Please do not hesitate to fill out the form below and contact us if you want to know if your employees are required to have personal green cards or need some more information. Or maybe you simply want Access Norway consulting to take care of your mandatory registrations and applications for your green cards.

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