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If your company is going to perform work in Norway, you will have to register your company in Norway, or register a Norwegian branch. You will also need to register employees in Norway and register your assignment. Access Norway can handle the registration of your company in Norway, register employees in Norway and take care of all obliged registrations in Norway. Register employees in Norway

Register assignments in Norway


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All assignments/contracts with a value crossing 20 000 NOK requires a registration in Norway. Information about the contractor must be submitted as soon as possible after the signing of the contract, and no later that 14 days after the work has started. You need to have obtained a Norwegian organization number to be able to register your contract. Register employees in Norway


The reporting obligation applies to Norwegian and foreign businesses - and the public sector. They must submit information about both the foreign contractor and any employees used to carry out the assignment. The contractor is also obliged to submit information about employees used to carry out the assignment. Register employees in Norway

Register employees in Norway

Employees who are going to perform work in Norway normally needs to be registered. We are spesialists in this field, and can assist you finding out if the registration will be necessary or not. If the registration is required, we can register your employees in Norway. Register employees in Norway

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