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Do you need more information about recognion of foreign professions and certificates in Norway?

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For most professions or trades, no specific recognition is required before you can start working in Norway, but some professions in Norway are regulated and you will need a Norwegian certificate to be allowed to perform work in Norway. If you are going to perform for instance electrical work in Norway, you will need to be authorized and receive your Norwegian certificate by DSB. Your skills must meet the Norwegian requirements to get an approval.


It is of importance that there are separate rules for persons with professional qualifications acquired in a country within EU/EEA, and for those who acquired their qualifications in a country outside EU/EEA. Norway is not a member of the EU and it is important to receive an approval to be allowed to work as an electrical skilled worker in Norway. Norwegian certificate


Companies performing work related to electrical installations have an obligation to be registered into Elvirksomhetsregisteret (the Norwegian register of enterprises that design, install and maintain electrical installations and electrical equipment). The foreign enterprises must in advance be registered into Brønnøysundregisterene, (the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises) to get a Norwegian organization number. Norwegian certificate


Your company is not allowed to perform work in Norway related to electrical installations or electrical equipment before the enterprise is registered into Elvirksomhetsregisteret and has received a confirmation from the Norwegian authorities. Norwegian certificate

Do you want more information recognition of foreign professions ?

Do you want to know if you or your employees needs a Norwegian certificate to be allowed to work in Norway? Access Norway consulting can assist you applying for Norwegian certificates and necessary registrations, so do not hesitate to fill out the form below and contract us if you want our help. The application process for Norwegian certificates for electricians has a long processing time, so it is of highly importance to start the process for Norwegian certificates several months before the beginning of your project in Norway. Norwegian certificate

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