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Marit Helene Gulbrandsen assisted us with the establishment of our company, registration of employees, obliged reports and other administrative issues related to our project in Norway. Since Simem performed electrical work in Norway, our electricians needed to be authorized by DSB and our enterprise had to be registered in Elvirksomhetsregisteret. This was also handled by Ms. Gulbrandsen in Access Norway consulting AS.


Access Norway consulting AS have good knowledge of the different processes and typical differences between working in other countries and working in Norway. We highly recommend working with Access Norway consulting AS, if you are considering entering the Norwegian marked.






Aeropuerto internacional de los cabos

"Enter Norway business consulting has provided guidance and consulting services about the different Norwegian systems and obligations. They have also performed the registration of three NUFs, and register employees with the Norwegian Administration."


"They have provided us a very efficient service with high attention to detail, being in contact with us during the entire processes. We definitely recommend working with Aase Herkules and Marit Helene Gulbrandsen if you are thinking to start operations in Norway. They have good knowledge of all the different processes and will recommend the best solution for your company."



Grupo Aldesa/Aldesa Entreprenør


Marit Helene Gulbrandsen has given me professional help as a customer establishing my company in Norway. I highly recommend  with their;



  • Good accessibility

  • Friendly employees

  • Quick answers to questions

  • Rapid management of cases

  • High level of expertise in their field of operation



I consider them as a class A consulting company and give them my highest rating."


Stefan Axelsson

Managing director  


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