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What triggers requirements for company registration in Norway?

This is the first of several articles containing valuable information for EU suppliers performing activities in Norway. In the upcoming articles, we will focus on registration of assignments and contracts, requirements for employees, Norwegian VAT, Norwegian TAX and others. This article is about company registration and assignments in Norway.

Part 1:

Company registration in Norway

Companies performing business activities in Norway are obliged to register their company to receive a Norwegian organization number. Companies with subcontractors are obliged to register their company, regardless if they have any employees working in Norway or not, since they will be considered as performing business activities in Norway.

  • Estimated processing time for the company registration is 2-4 weeks from the Norwegian authorities receives the signed registration documents to an organization number will be given, depending on the workload.

Registration of assignments and employees

All assignments/contracts exceeding 20 000 NOK needs to be registered.

Subcontractors ar obliged to register their company and assignment/contract as well, and all companies are responsible for the registration of their subcontractors. This means that your company might be held responsible if your subcontractors ignores the obliged registrations in Norway.

Consequences for ignoring company registration in Norway:

  • The company is not compliant with Norwegian legislation, and will not be allowed to perform any business activities in Norway.

  • The company might receive penalties from the Norwegian authorities.

  • Your Norwegian client is entitled to reject your employees from the site, as they will be working illegal.

  • The company will not be able to import to Norway.

  • The company will not be able to invoice with Norwegian VAT.

  • The company will not be able to fulfill the obliged registration of assignments and employees etc.

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